Trucking Transportation

Malaysia has an advanced network of modern land transportation system connecting not only domestically but also to its neighbouring countries. Due to this excellent connectivity, the inland truck transportation services have since become one of the key elements in the logistics industry.

With our well established domestic distribution network pillared  throughout Malaysia and Singapore, our Land Division is able to provide one-stop transportation services to our customers. Our wide range of land transportation services includes

  • Bonded transportation services for carriage of dutiable or custom controlled goods within the Principal Customs Area or land exportation to neighbouring countries
  • Daily cross border delivery services from Malaysia to Thailand and Singapore or vice versa
  • Scheduled collection and distribution services of less-than-truck load shipments throughout Malaysia
  • Over-night inter-state delivery services within Peninsular Malaysia.

In addition to the above core services and in line with our commitment of providing logistics solutions to our customers, our Land Division also offers the supporting services which covers border customs broking, documentation formalities, and online Singapore GST applications. For the movements of high valued goods, dedicated trucks are equipped with GPS for near real-time monitoring and tracking at our controlling site office.